Please Critique - Zombie Ronald Reagan "Ronald REagANIMATED"

Hey everyone,

Just looking for any type of feedback on the design below and/or concept.

Thanks for your help.

Watch this

Hello, my advice would be to zombify him even more. I would try to create a different kind of background other than a square. Maybe lose the text unless you can come up with a funny slogan. But if you create or hand draw your text it will have a bigger impact on the design. I'm looking forward to seeing this evolve goodluck!


I'm thinking about how i'm going to change/draw the text & what text I should put, but other than that, what are your thoughts on the new design?

I fear if I try to zombie him more, I won't be able to make him look like Reagan.

Also, any thoughts for what should go below the brain?


Thoughts on this one?


And slightly more zombied...


Possible Slogan


Something like this?

Elma e Francis
King of ART said:

I think you should take an hand drawn font, because it looks much better. The first version without any red is the right way!

Agree. Actualy I think you can try an hand draw illustration too


K. So what I'm hearing is that I should hand draw it & add zombie effects that way + have a unique font, and then just rely on the color scheme from the original picture rather than cheaping out & doing zombie effects w/ color?

Zach Lona

Like others have said, I would definitely hand-draw the image to add more zombie-like features. As far as the layout of the design on the shirt, I think you could stand to simplify. Having the slogan, image encapsulated in a brain outline and the "Z Party" thing is pretty busy. If you just had the slogan (which is awesome, by the way) with the hand-drawn image, I think you'd be golden.


Here's a shot at drawing it on my own. Not too many zombie effects so you can actually recognize reagan. Still trying to think of a good idea for the font.

FoodStampDavis profile pic Alumni

It's definitely on a better track, now. If you're keeping the text, I'd say lose the ellipses. They aren't necessary.

One thing you might want to consider, though, is that this has been done a lot already:


Lol. Thanks for pointing out how many times this concept has been done. Definitely changes my perspective on it.

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