THE KILLING MOON (click the below picture)



I've started a new design that is inspired by Donnie Darko.
I'm not sure where to go with the design.
I dont think it's finished because it feels likes something is missing...

Here is what I've started so far....


Watch this
P0ckets profile pic Alumni

Ehm not sure. Maybe a silhouette airliner crossing the moon? En route to Donnie's bedroom?

Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

Oh, I thought this was going to be about Echo & The Bunnymen

Maybe a dagger, sorry can't remember the film too well, although it does have a great soundtrack (got it on my itunes).

Oh, that airplane engine motor could be on the ground I suppose.


The mirror scene is the scariest part of the movie for me.

(idea still to come here) but is there a way to incorporate that sense of "oh fuck Frank's gonna get me" into the design?


Love it though!! :D

BlancaJP profile pic Alumni

:) good idea, great movie. I would like to see the moon in the same white outline style as the rest of the design.

Leo Canham
Leo Canham profile pic Alumni

Get a tee placement up. Should help with ideas. I think the plane would be a great addition.

I must admit, i cant remember much of the film either.

P0ckets profile pic Alumni

I would go for black silhouette for the plane if you add it. Blanca's idea could be good as well

P0ckets profile pic Alumni

I think it looks good! The stars at the top look a little bit boxy the way they finish, so you could maybe add/remove a few at the edges, particular the top corners.

Frasq profile pic Alumni

it looks very cool on a t-shirt! great job man!

i agree with POckets regarding the "box sensation" due to the stars on the top, but it's a simple thing to solve! :)

good luck for the challenge! :)


turned out great!

Leo Canham
Leo Canham profile pic Alumni

Awesome man.Look forward to scoring it :)

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