Manga Studio 5 EX review

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Heh, not really a very helpful review for people new to Manga Studio. In my experience, coming from CS5, MS5 is not hard to learn. It looks and feels pretty similar to Photoshop CS5 and many of the keyboard shortcuts are the same. The main thing is that the engine driving the drawing tools is miles better than Photoshop's. It smooths better and more intuitively, it interprets pen pressure much better resulting in effortless beautiful tapering lines and you can adjust the pressure sensitivity curve to your liking. Also it's worth pointing out that if you are only illustrating and not actually drawing comics you can just get MS5 for $80 and not the EX version for $300 because the difference is story and page management tools.


Hmm, nice tip, Manupix! Thanks, I definitely give it a try


thanks for the info.. i should give it a try too i think.. :D

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