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Oh the Horror!

  • by ntopp
  • posted Sep 02, 2013

Oh the Horror!

Watch this

God bless you- hisssss -sorry about that! I'm tremendously pleased to see that hand of glory there.

Mat Pringle
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Thanks! Hand of Glory HAD to go in. The Wickerman is one of my favourite horror movies!


I just bought this for my husband for his birthday. I know most of the references, but not all. Does anyone know what all the references are?

Mat Pringle
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Here they are;

'The Shining' (typewriter), 'Halloween' (knife), 'Night of the Living Dead' (trowel), 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (chainsaw), 'The Ring' (VHS), 'Blood on Satan's Claw' (shears), 'Angel Heart' (chickens' foot), 'The Wicker Man' (hand of glory), 'Suspiria' (peacock feather pointy thing), 'Tenebre' (straight razor), 'The Exorcist' (crucifix), 'Evil Dead 2' (axe), 'American Werewolf on London' (candles and pentagram), 'The Birds' (feathers) and the skull is a nod to 'The Devil Rides Out'. Hope that helps!


Just got this t-shirt for my awesome!! I got about 9 of the 17 without cheating. Did notice that 'The Omen' (Dagger of Meggido) isn't listed in Mat's cheat sheet...or at least, I didn't see it. Just trying to be helpful! Awesome design!!

Mat Pringle
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Oh yes - the Omen knife - good work you!


the VHS could also be Videodrome

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