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Please help me to improve my declined design

Watch this

i like it actually.. i dont know why it was declined... perhaps its because of the layout? or maybe the lack of concept? not sure though..


i kinda like it, too.

Pepa z Depa

Thanks for your input. They wrote me this:"Your submission was declined because we feel your idea could use a little more work to be up to the standard that will give it the best shot."

Blockquote I'm not sure they can print it on the sleeve, but maybe I'm wrong.

I am pretty sure they can print it on the sleeve, because I bought here T-shirt with design printed on whole front. And yes I would rather not change design's position, because it would destroy the composition.


i like this, i just don' get why the colors or so faded?

Fruityfructis said:

i like this, i just don' get why the colors or so faded?

i like the colors all faded like that


reminds me of necco wafers or something

Pepa z Depa

It was my intention to do the colors bit dim.

Kat Phillips

I don't understand, either. I like it. Maybe make it a bit smaller?

BeanePod profile pic Alumni
Akaka said:

can they even print this?

i kind of wondered that too. and after seeing some of the lion king subs i think this is pretty golden :)

maybe turn it into a pattern?

Pepa z Depa

Finally, after two week is my design approved and up for scoring. So, please score and thanks for support!


I think the placement is what the problem was, it looked a little weird on the sleeve.

It looks better now though! Good luck!


I liked it better on the sleeve, but still cool. Good luck!


I like this too, support

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