Okay, so first attempt at a threadless design ever - could you tell me what you think? And how I could improve it before submitting it to the Science design challenge?
This was my inspiration (and, yes, this is genuinely what happened!)

Watch this

I really like the colours and the design, and the concept is clever :)

The only thing I struggled with was that it looks like the rocket is in space already because of the dark background, so I didn't get why the 'this way up' was important. I only realised after watching the youtube video. Perhaps something that references the ground might help? or a hanger that shows it was just launched? I'm not sure if they will interfere with the design though.


Thanks! Maybe I'll play with the colours...


Grrr. I just can't find any colours that I like as much as the first ones. This is the best I've got, and the lack of contrast is rubbish :(


Oops... I accidentally submitted it to the threadless challenge. Can I submit it to the Science one as well?


so cute!

littlem said:

so cute!

:D thankyou!


I submitted it a week ago (and emailed them to ask if they could move it) and still haven't heard back...

They said 1-2 business days. What's going on? :/


The concept is clever, but hard to see, perhaps the background could be the enlargement of the chip. The idea get's lost in the micro.


@bejamineleebates - Thanks... but you'e a bit late :/ On the plus side, it's up for scoring now :D Yay!

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