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Minecraft Ideas and collabs (Minecraft - Declined! :( )

I love Minecraft and want to submit some ideas, if your down for a collab let me know.

Idea #2 with Goliath72:

Minecraft & Beer

Updated #2 (Hoping to submit this tomorrow night.)

Comments as always much appreciated. :)

Watch this

bump for some suggestions.


keep moving forward with this?


I had another idea today, this actually happened to me playing yesterday. The idea is you need to kill the last sheep so you can sleep for the night to make a bed, but now all the bad guys are surrounding the sheep so you need to kill them to survive.


I find the perspective in the first one very with the proportions. Also you should add the lines (even if theyre just a darker green) to the tree.

I do like the second one, but maybe add a white foam.


thanks mr.Conway, I am going to drop the first idea don't have much time to fix it. I will keep going with the beer idea though.


Ok so I played with the beer idea more, added the Minecraft words to it with the saying "More Beer!" Wanted it to look like how it is when you make a new world in Minecraft.


bump for update

1 design submitted - Score now!

nice idea ! you should make the black in the minecraft title transparent, I think it would render better , and it makes less colors , which is great


thanks speakerine, I will try that tonight, and play around with less color as well.


final image declined

Hi there Theodore Ford Webb,

Unfortunately, your submission "Minecrafted beer" was declined.

Here's why:

We want every design submitted to Threadless to have the best possible chance at being chosen for print. Your submission was declined because we feel your idea could use a little more work to be up to the standard that will give it the best shot. Want some feedback on your design? Post a thread in the forum to get tips and helpful suggestions from other artists!

We hate declining submissions! We hope you take these decline reasons to heart, use them to rework your submission, and resubmit. We're looking forward to seeing your new and improved design!

Best wishes, The Threadless Community Team


thought this was a good idea but can see why it got declined I suppose :/

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