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Curse of the Colossal Space Unicorn - Last Day!

Curse of the Colossal Space Unicorn

At first no one knew what the Space Unicorn wanted. It looked so angelic and almost Godlike. The way the starlight danced off it's horn and shimmering coat. But after it impaled it's first college student during an all night drive-in marathon, it got a taste for chaos and destruction.
Now it roams the planet, terrorizing anything in it's path. Some say it's the spirit of the Apocalypse. Some say it's an alien invasion. Some don't speculate at all for fear of angering the beast.

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...and so on. 5 days left

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$5 it, really looks great.

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The Space Unicorn must roam unfettered and free, boundless like El Viento.

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awesome, going to vote now

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Thank you for the support guys! It's a little bit 50s, a little bit 80s and 100% space unicorn


I love the 80s vibe, as well as the "background story" you give.

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Thanks for the support! 4 days to go :)


dear god that is one thing of beauty


Great stuff!

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I appreciate it guys!!

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Thanks everyone! I more day!!! Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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