Score a Meatwad of designs for an Aqua TV SHOW SHOW Prize Pack

Over 224 Aqua TV Show Show designs are floating around in Carl's pool and they are disturbingly awesome. Help us choose which ones to print!

Score 100+ ATSS submissions and you'll be automatically entered in a random drawing to win a Cartoon Network prize pack that includes notebooks, hats and other awesome stuff.

<s>Fry</s> <s>Shake</s> Score designs now.

Congratulations to 5eth for winning some cool ATSS swag!

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jesshanebury profile pic Alumni
Underdawg said:

Does anyone actually ever win these blog contests? Seems like people participate but no winners are ever announced.

For example, nobody won these blog contests.

Hey there! Yep! People win. Sometimes it takes us a while to update the actual blog. Those folks from the Threadventure challenge have been emailed. We'll update this one with who won soon!

kzjl profile pic Alumni

i can use some sketchbooks~

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

Congratulations to 5eth for winning some amazing ATSS swag!!

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