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Pear Olympics Critique (Up For Scoring Now)

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So, I made this design toady, and I would greatly appreciate feedback. I was thinking about putting shadows onto the podium, but I didn't really get one I liked. also I wasn't sure if I should have the pears be different shades of green or if its okay when they're all the same.

So Here I put a shadow on the podium, just to show you guys what it kinda looked like.

Watch this

I think if you really want to make this printable, you should really put more texture and make it look not so clip arty. Especially the podium. The Pears should be a different color i think.

Instead of the olympic sign, put 1, 2, and 3, for what place each pear is in. Good luck!

It's kinda of cute here's a thought what if you put the podium design on the front where the pear is with the bronze medal. Then on the back you could have the three pears doing olympic events like hurdles, running etc. or maybe show then all doing one even together and ofcourse the gold in the front :)


You might want to give the podium more depth and realism with shades and tones. I'm pretty new to shirt designing and got my submissions rejected already because the designs were not up to standards. Mainly it was because of my flat and clip art format. I didn't have enough effects to make it look good and I don't want threadless rejecting your submission for that reason either. Also, you might want to put some darker shades of the green pear color you have there so the shading is better. Good job on the glare effect on the heads and also on the shadows. Good luck to you!


Okay so I tried to compile all the advice given, and here's what I got. I added the numbers to the podium as well as some more texture and shadow, I also changed two of the pear's colours so that they were different. I changed the man on the front to something just sort of new. I chose the bronze place guy because he was my favorite of them all. This is the guy up close, I think I will add a shadow below him like the one below the podium.


I think your original front pear looked better. this one...

but that's just me maybe?


Well, I don't know..I guess I get that he is bronze cause he didn't throw the javelin that far? So maybe it does work on the front.


Anyway, I like the bronze pear holding his metal on the front cause it just looks better graphically to me.


Cute idea either way, good luck!

I second that the bronze is my favorite one too he looks so cute lookin at his medal he's very proud of himself i would wear it. Both are nice but i like your original with the bronze guy on the front looking at his medal. I'm wondering if maybe the olympic rings on the podium might be copyright so maybe thats one of the reasons it got rejected im not sure. But i like your improvements & the pears different colors :)!

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  1. You absolutely can't use organisations logos on a shirt without their permission.
  2. Is this a wordplay on Paralympics?

Third draft, just trying new things, not sure if I like the new rings on the podium, but I do like the added depth I think. I also made this new change to the front man, but its still between this and the original bronze medal front.

Matias Corado

The strokes and shapes looks too "hard". I mean... you need to give to your design a more "plastic" appeal. Something not too vectorish. Take a look at the designs of this guys: Ben Aaron Look at the lines and the shadows.

I"m really liking this here;s a thought what if you moved the pear with the javelin down to both pocket fronts on the front of the hoodie. The pear on one pocket the javelin on the other and then have your cute bronze medal pear at the top right of the shirt like before :)!


The pear olympic logo change is genius! As for the rest of the design, it still looks like it is lacking depth but I don't know how to help unfortunately since I am new to this stuff. Maybe someone else can help? I'm just giving an extra pair of eyes on the work. Good luck!


yay! it's up for voting! congrats! time to vote you a good score =]

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