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A Continuous Line Challenge - !!.IT'S OVER.!!

After coming off of the Minimalism Challenge I was thinking about some different art styles and had a thought.

^Use This Logo on your submission presentation.^


A Design Challenge focused around a continuous Line Drawing

Kind of like a blind contour drawing but with more control and you can look at the drawing when you need to.

Deadline - September 21-29th - Submit this Week

Now this doesn't have to be hand drawn and scanned in or anything because I have accomplished this style and gotten printed before by doing all the line work in Vector with a mouse. See my "Classic Grills" example below.

• Design/Illustration MUST be created using at least 1 Main Continuous Line
"Extra Smaller Supporting Lines" can be used as long as the Main Continuous Line is obvious, but 1 line only designs are encouraged.
• The Main Continuous Line CAN Overlap when needed.
No Mazes (I can just see all the damn Maze designs coming out of this and UGH NO to that)
• Only 1 to 2 colors can be used through out the entire design/illustration
• No limit per person on how many you can submit but if you are doing it right then one design might take you a while to get perfect. ...but I'm old, slow, and have very little freetime.
• Submit as many as you'd like on the deadline dates. Deadline - September 21-23rd
• Include the Logo on your submission

Original Deadline - September 21-23rd - Deadline.

Finished Scores
lugepuar - Airline = 3.34
Pyne - Yarn Cat = 3.28
BeanePod - The Persistence of Life = 3.28
38 Sunsets - continuous play = 3.24
lugepuar - Linescape = 3.20
janita.han - a continuous line houses on a hill = 3.17
chuck p comics - pen-guin = 3.17
Elma e Francis & bortwein Collab - The Kite Line = 3.10
bortwein - A few Favorite Time Pieces = 3.08
bortwein - Horror Hands = 3.06
Underdawg - John Han(d)cock = 3.04
palitosci - Deadline = 3.00
BlancaJP - IN 3D = 2.99
BlancaJP - Never Ending Mix Tape = 2.98
lugepuar - Today is Dealine = 2.91 - Bunny Flying a Kite = FAIL = 2.76
AnthonyMoore - T Rex Just wants to be friends = 2.73
ostrich. - the self conscious peacock = 2.72
berlynhubler - Dog Pile = 2.59
airdeh - Heart Break = 2.52
chuck p comics - Piano Man = 2.42

Interested Yes:


Blind Contour Drawing Examples

Extreme Example art by Faber Castell

Here is another example that I had created for a work project. The art never got used but I really liked how the line work came out:

Saul Steinberg example with 1 main continuous line with several supporting extra lines:

Oscar Berger example with lines that cross over:

Watch this
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that's what Eeyores do the bestest!!

Underdawg profile pic Alumni

Man this thread got outta control lol

lugepuar profile pic Alumni

I don't know what's happening here but...

lugepuar profile pic Alumni
38 Sunsets said:

congrats to the winner!


bortwein profile pic Alumni
lugepuar said:
38 Sunsets said:

congrats to the winner!


We are all winners here. Except for thos people that didn't submit anything. :-P

lugepuar profile pic Alumni
bortwein said:
lugepuar said:
38 Sunsets said:

congrats to the winner!


We are all winners here. Except for thos people that didn't submit anything. :-P

I agree, and you made me feel bad about myself :P hahahaha

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