"Monster in the Morning" Up For Scoring

I've subbed this piece for my "Back to the Beginnings," submission, brought to you by the friendly folks over at this blog. Now you can score it here!

Thanks for all your help, frands!

The original!

Watch this

The four years does make a real difference! Your new one is so much more polished and refined. Though the mood conveyed by the original vs. the new one is different. I don't know if that bothers you. I'm just stating it.


Amazing progress in four years! I hope I can look back at my first submissions four years from now and see the same amount of growth. I don't know if this is a thought, a suggestion, or just an obvious observation, but your new version is all sorts of a lot of purple! Just saying...

Good luck with it!

Matias Corado

The new version is much more cute! I'm not sure about halftones, I think that it doesn't fits with the monster style.

GyleDesigns profile pic Alumni

Thanks, all! I knew that this monster was going to be different: the old one was so boring and static! So I don't mind those differences at all.

Re:purple. Indeed, there is so much purple! And on my iPhone the colors look even more intense. So I might look into changing that.

Re: halftones. I thought about it, but I think for this one I'm going to want to avoid halftones. Good suggestion, though.

Thanks for the good feedback so far! Good to know that people other than my students like the monster!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

hahahhah he is amazing!!! I've got no advice, it's lovely.

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

The photo strip forms a bit of a tangent with the monster's elbow. I'd say make it larger and overlap the elbow more. It could use a touch of white or some highlights.

I'd also suggest increasing contrast between the horns and the towel. Since they're the same value, it's hard to tell what's what.

Overall, great reworking of your original concept.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Could use more Monster's items beisdes the eyes, maybe a set of scarry looking teeth on the side of the sink and a set or two of horns on top of the mirror.


so cute :D

I can relate...I am a definite monster in the morning...just ask my poor husband, lol

GyleDesigns profile pic Alumni

I updated with a few extra details and new color scheme. Thanks for the great suggestions so far!

Nestor, I loved the idea of more scary items, but I couldn't find a way to make them work in the composition.

With that, I think I'm going to do some homework while I let this sit, and sub later tonight.

Thanks, all!

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Great job with the added details. The lighter background color works better, too.


So cute!

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