The Smith Family

The Smith Family

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Really, people wear shirts around with other peoples families on them? What moron came up with this idea.

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Clearly you get it serenbeatz... Don't be so quick to call OTHER people morons in future.


ahahahahaha hilarious :D


To be fair - while I really dig Chris Farren and his music and other stuff he's doing - i remember this design being online here for quite some time, too.

Maybe this is just a coincidence and both artists got their ideas by themselves? The ripoffs he's referring in the Fuze interview seems to have even the same design, which is not the case here. Maybe Oliver Laude could comment about this...?

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I don't even know who the fuck is Chris Farren, but I did this illustration at least six months before he did the same thing with a stolen pic. (stealing as a way of life ?) My original submission is from Aug. 22, 2013. He even gave the same title to "his" design. You can't imagine how angry I have been to see HIS tee at Jimmy Fallon. But maybe, he had the same idea. It's a very simple idea, so it's possible. Excuse my french.


That does not look like Jada and what's with Will's hair?

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