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Meet Dan Burgess and check out his winning Impressionism design!

  • by jeffreyg
  • posted Aug 26, 2013

Say hello to Daniel Burgess aka danne-b, the grand prize winner of the Impressionism challenge with his A Robot’s Impression design. You can pick up this awesome design today!

Hey Dan! How about a quick introduction about yourself?

I am a freelance artist from England and I work as a visual designer for animation, film and TV. Any time I have between work, I attempt to be an illustrator and submit designs to Threadless.

Congratulations on your Impressionism challenge win! Out of 247 entries, your awesome design, A Robot’s Impression, stood out from the rest! How did you celebrate when you got that winning e-mail?

Well, because of the time difference, it was late at night so I wasn't too sure how to celebrate. I contacted my friend and immediately asked him if he wanted to go to Chicago, which he didn't hesitate on saying yes. After that I struggled to sleep for most of the night as it was amazing news and an unbelievable opportunity.

As the winner, you got to fly to Chicago and see your art displayed at the internationally acclaimed Art Institute of Chicago. Who did you bring with you?

I decided to take along my good friend Ben Ho, a fellow artist and Threadless member.

What's it feel like to have your art displayed in the second largest museum in the United States?

It was pretty surreal, and it took a while to comprehend the whole situation. It was amazing to see my work in such an amazing and famous place, and I think it’s the highlight of my art career so far.

Your winning design was unveiled to over a thousand art aficionados at the Art Institute’s After Dark event. Could you share some highlights from that event?

I was a little nervous at first to have to go up on stage and be presented to all these art folk, but it was actually very enjoyable and it was amazing to see my work displayed.

Back to the design, could you tell us how you came up with the idea behind A Robot’s Impression?

I started to work on the design while it was raining outside, which happens a lot in England—this was the starting point and inspiration. I wanted an impressionist painting that looked futuristic and atmospheric, so the use of neon lights, a robot and the effect of the rain worked great for this.

Was impressionism a style that came easily to you when you created this design?

I knew the type of image I wanted to create and what the general feeling was, but I had to do some research on the process and style. I watched a few documentaries and studied a bunch of paintings to help me understand what the best approach was. It ended up being a good opportunity to revise some classic paintings and work in a style I haven't attempted before.

Do you have a favorite Impressionism work or artist?

Camille Pissarro is my preferred impressionist. He produced some really nice paintings with subtle lighting and great atmosphere—he also had a lovely beard.

You can pick up Daniel’s winning design and MORE in the catalog!

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looks fantastic! congratulations

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Congrats! It's really lovely. :-)

alby letoy
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Congrats!!! cool design :-D

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Nice design, congratulations!

chuck p comics
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rad! congrats!


very nice! I love it! congratulations!!

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Congratulations! I get an awesome "Blade Runner" vibe from this.

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Well deserved win!

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Congrats ^_^

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2 designs submitted - Score now!

Way cool ! Congrats.

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Congrats ! well deserved


Yeah, I was pretty sure this would take out the comp. Well done!


Cheers Dan! a righteous mix of impressionism and a modern theme!


Super cool! Congrats!


Congratulations! The neo-impressionist robot is fantastic.

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Congrats! Not sure what you're implying Greddy. That Threadless can only have one robot?

Joe Conde
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congrats man!




congrats man :) cool work

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have a good trip !

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Well done. Very cool. Neat-o.


congrats awesome


Nice one. Good eye Greddy. The design you pointed out is done by the same artist as this one. Always good to have a recognizable style.

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