Let's give it up for the Smiths!

"In West Philadelphia, born and raised…" It's hard not to smile when you hear the familiar beginning to the Fresh Prince theme song. Will Smith has been showing us a good time with his music and acting for over two decades now! And, in the past years, even his kids Jaden & Willow have gotten in on the act! They're an entire family of good lookin', happy, talented performers.

Today, we released The Smith Family by Olivier Laude. In honor of all the smiles the Smiths have brought us over the years, let's show them some appreciation!

Create an original Smith GIF that represents what you like most about one or all of them. It can be Will, Jada, Jaden, Willow, or any combination of the four and it can reference any combination of their work. Make sure to keep it awesomely positive. Anything negative will be removed because that's not what those guys are about!

The winning GIF will snag a $200 Threadless gift code and one of the new tees!

Here's some of our favorite moments to get your started. We'll keep posting more!

Post your GIF in the comments below! Submit by September 2.

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Love the shirt. But where is his first born son? He is a Smith too? Not cool to leave him out.

Sam2003strong said:

Like the shirt, but where is his first born son? He is a Smith too? Not cool to leave him out.


How do i post a gif? Im dumb at this stuff and obviously my last post showed up as nothing. derp


I knew having a folder of Carlton/Fresh Prince GIFs would pay off one day.

It's my time to shine!

Underdawg said:
Jeremy.Vousboukis said:

i assume the winner will be emailed?



jesshanebury profile pic Alumni
Underdawg said:

It's friday... before a 3 day weekend????? Time to keep it fresh!!!!

Gotta go with a classic! Congrats @underdawg. We'll be emailin'


So much for original.

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