Spooky Side Up... Scoring, YAY!

Spooky Side Up, now scoring... so glad everyone likes him and thanks to quick-brown-fox for the great title!

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Iv never seen it on a shirt before, its a really cool idea and looks really good also. I doubt that you would have much problem with copyright issues considering your not using any names or logos from Pacman and the Ghost is completely different color than any of the ones on the game. I like the titles u have come up with either Spooky or Haunted Breakfast. Wonderful work!!

opifan64 profile pic Alumni

Spooky Side Up is cute. I haven't seen it before. Can't see it running into copyright issues.


A Breakfast with an attitude


So good! Yes, "spooky side up" sounds great

soloyo profile pic Alumni

add a slice of bacon at the bottom, maybe??


Jellyfish! No wait. That's been done.

All these great food designs. I'm going to have to start playing with my food more.

Jake Friedman

Pretty cool! The names of the other ghosts were Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde, so I'd call him Eggy. Spooky Side Up is great for a title, so submit it already!

ourgraphicfaith profile pic Alumni

This is EGGCELLENT!!!!

How about 1) Conjuring a Breakfast 2) Hunger Games 3) Under the Bed and Breakfast 4) Serving up a Scare

or,come to think of it, Spooky side up is fantastic!

BlancaJP profile pic Alumni
quick-brown-fox said:

I like it, and think it will do really well. My suggestion for the name is Spooky Side Up :)

yes this


Haha cool idea and awesome cause its food :)

moosabman profile pic Alumni

I like it. Have you tried cutting a wedge out of one of the yolks?

melmike profile pic Alumni

'Spooky Side Up' it is! Awesome title. Thanks QBF!

I don't think I'll add bacon or cut wedges from the eyes, I'm happy with it as is, but thanks nonetheless. I'll be putting the slides together and subbing tonight after work.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!


How did you create this? Was it edible? Anyway, it's awesome.

melmike said:

JK, did it in Photoshop

I figured, haha..but I just pictured you going through like 3 dozen eggs for that perfect design.


This looks like what pacman is eating.. but havent saw it on anything except that photo.


well if the photo itself isn't yours then you could run into copyright problems but other then that its an awesome idea!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Spoiler blog material

soloyo profile pic Alumni
soloyo said:

Spoiler blog material

I was right!!!!

. .

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I love the long sleeve shirt, it looks so goooood~

phraze profile pic Alumni

Well done, looks tasty!


Congratulations melmike! I should buy one since it's a ghost design and I'm caspertheghost.


Congratulations bro! Absolutely love it!


congrats, October is a good month for it too :]

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