WILD INSIDE - Collaboration with fhigi25 - UP FOR SCORING

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Wow that's really good! Is she a giant though? Just asking because the deer next to her is really tiny! Also, her hands are kind of deformed and fingers are too small. Other than that, this is print ready!!!

Jordan_Bender profile pic Alumni

I agree with Wolfgang. Also, it looks like her left leg is just gone from the knee down. It's just a bad angle really!

ourgraphicfaith profile pic Alumni

something wrong with the left leg...looks like it is amputated...the left fingers too...but good choice of colors!

dandingeroz said:

thanks but I already subbed this :(. THANKS GUYS

You can still correct it while it is getting approved, then when it is up for voting, contact support with new slides and they will update them.

Ive done it before! Lol

This looks really amazing on the shirt.


Looks great!



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