Copy right rejection - Ewoks of anarchy Shirt

I did this shirt design i really like it but cant seem to work out how not to get threadless sued by multiple companies any suggestions?

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Fantastic idea! I think the panel may want you to interpret the Ewok image and the storm trooper image into your own style rather than plain reference material. Artistic alterations and ideas go a long way. Changing the ewok into a different style helps it set the design apart from other star wars propaganda has already been made. I hope this helps a little. A prevalent style and creative mode will set you apart from others! Nice job so far, keep up the good work!


probably can't use the word ewok or endor either...disney license problems

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yeh i dont think theres a way to get it off the ground tried "hells fur balls' "forest moon OG" but got rejected aswell so i think it might be too hard to pull off.

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