Design critique needed :D

Awesome people I need some constructive critique on this please :D

Watch this
How about 'I'm nacho type'. Better fit phonetically, less harsh of a bruschetta off.
All cheesy puns aside. The image itself could be worked on some. Making cleaner lines as well as using the space of the design (maybe by giving the nacho and cheese bowl shadows?) also the nacho's stance is a little awkward. A good way to remedy his would be to turn the nacho so that the longest side is facing the bottom. Also a better pun would be "Well, I'm fondue you!" Hope that helps
yeah, i agree with the image needing some work. i think the cheese 'highlights' could use a narrower stroke, and the highlight on the chip could be moved toward the bottom, at the 'bulge' of the drip. maybe? more texture on the chip, too?
Just what briligg said, "I'm nacho type" is more appropriate (and funnier).
oh yeah, i forgot to say that i agreed with briligg, too, regarding the "i'm nacho type" :P
I love your idea. I think you might need more work like making the black line strong or bold.