PIXEL Challenge 5 (Winner Poeha!!!)

With the new Minecraft Challenge going on: http://www.threadless.com/minecraft2/ I thought it be a great time to have a 5th PIXEL Challenge, you may submit any of your Minecraft designs in here is along as it is pixelated in some way.

We have had some great printed designs in the past, here are a few of them.

.It's dangerous to go alone! Take this - Design by mechanicalrobotpower (Scored: 3.59)

Nyeinstein - Design by ellygeh (Scored: 3.41)

Lets add to this list shall we?

Past PIXEL Challenges:

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Use this logo on your submissions:

Logo made by the awesome Manupix

Rules (not that many)

Create Submissions that are only pixel art form. Can be of any subject matter you choose as long as it is in pixel form.

Also don't forget to post your submissions in this blog after submitting, so I can keep track. Happy Submitting!

Feel free to submit as many as you want. And join when you want to. (Best to join before the deadline.)

Sign up now!


  1. pijaczaj

  2. drewski79

  3. Mantichore

  4. phraze

  5. MadCobra

  6. Poeha

  7. halfgotten


  1. Cat wagon design by pijaczaj (final score: 2.85)

Voting over: http://www.threadless.com/threadless/cat-wagon/

  1. Super Fresh Prince design by Mantichore up for voting! ('90s Pop Culture Challenge)

(final score: 2.97)

Voting over: http://www.threadless.com/90s/super-fresh-prince/

  1. Becoming the Craft design by MadCobra (Minecraft Challenge)

(final score: 3.21)

Voting over: http://www.threadless.com/minecraft2/becoming-the-craft/

  1. The Working Man by Poeha (Final Score: 3.36)

Voting over: http://www.threadless.com/threadless/the-working-man/

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pijaczaj profile pic Alumni

Good, I did my first pixel project two months ago but I was too lazy to sub it, so I will participate in this 8).

BTW Isn't too soon for another challenge? You don't afraid about you know prestige of this?

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

added ya pijaczaj, yes this challenge can be time consuming but the Minecraft Challenge inspired me to continue with another PIXEL Challenge.


Hey Theo! Just wondering... when will the deadline be for this?

Steger profile pic Alumni
pijaczaj said:

ok, I'm first. This one is pending:

Hahaha. P-wagon? I'm in for the challenge.

Theo86 profile pic Alumni
pijaczaj said:

ok, I'm first. This one is pending:

wow awesome! hows September 20th for the deadline?

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

updated, you forgot to add the PIXEL logo Mantichore :( I still like your design alot though!

@ Poeha, the 6th PIXEL challenge will start sometime during the year when this one is over. :p

Mantichore profile pic Alumni
Theo86 said:

updated, you forgot to add the PIXEL logo Mantichore :( I still like your design alot though!

aww man, you're right, totally forgot about that :( I'll post it in the comments, thanks ;)

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

possibly started this again too soon for people to be interested? anyways time for a bump.

phraze profile pic Alumni

I would be up for this. I need some motivation to submit more, and I have a couple of pixel things I could probably cobble together into a t-shirt..

MadKobra profile pic Alumni

here is mine I also sub it to the mine craft challenge :) hope you guys like it

BTW I add the pixel logo to the submission ;)

Theo86 profile pic Alumni
Fruityfructis said:

i submited this to the 90s challenge, i don't know if it counts i took screenshots and made them glitch out

LINK: http://www.threadless.com/90s/glitchin-nineties/

looks great, but would of rather had you have the PIXEL logo on the submission slide, you are aloud to submit to other challenges and this one, but to keep in mind having the logo on the slides.

Deadline is over, don't think many people were into this one as before. :( but we did get some awesome Submissions for the few of the ones we got. Will update later tonight.

Stefbros profile pic Alumni

I'm glad I finally had the time to join :)

Please don't stop this challenges! Never give up :D Pixels are forever! :p

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

thanks Poeha glad you got to enter this time to, and you won with a final score of 3.36 awesome score!!!

All around great scores.

Only four submissions this time around, might have to wait longer to have more people into this again.

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