People suck, but Jess doesn't

Hello friends,

While Jess was doing what Jess does best — making sure drunk kids can party at the meetup — someone stole the only worldly possession that she cares about. No, not the shuffleboard table. The other only worldly possession she cares about. Her bike.

Since Jess cannot live bikeless and had to compete in a triathlon, a replacement bike has already been purchased. But she could really use your help paying it off. It cost a lot of dollars.

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Ryder profile pic Alumni

tha'ts cool! what a good cause...

also, i expected this bike to be made of pickles...or at LEAST be green!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

WTF someone stole her bike!!!

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Maybe you can paint the bike pickle green? Or at least hide a pickle under the saddle. Bike thieves suck, man.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

I'd be so pissed if someone stole my bike. Definitely wouldn't be able to afford a new one.

Really lame that some asshat showed up to the party, had fun and then left with someone's bike. Hope the thief rides into a pothole or is hit by a car door.


Done!! :D

I heart the Jess so muchly

*finds thief...soaps their fountain, fruits their drawers


any leftovers to go towards Joe's adult big-wheel


Ombungholio! Those jerkbuttz!!!




Bump back to top of page for anyone who would have missed this at work or sleep or stuff.


Bump 28 hours left to get a little more czash for that lady.

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