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Kickass 2

Holy crap that film was amazeballs, substantially better than the first.a lot funnier and the fight scenes a million times better but the entire reason to see the film is Chloe Moretz. She makes the entire film, in fact I didn't really give a crap about kickass (the character) he's as boring as ever.

I'd watch an entire film that was just hit girl, I mean the best way to describe her story is Mean girls if Cady had been brutally murdering criminals since she was 8 years old.

She's easily the most talented actresses of her generation, her character must be a nightmare to play because on the one hand shes this ultra violent, aggressive, domineering girl that swears like a sailor but on the other hand shes the nice girl next door who doesn't fit in, doesn't know how to relate to people and has been through something extremely traumatic.

Not to spoil anything too much but her high school scenes are heartbreaking.

ignore what rotten tomatoes says this film is amazing.

Watch this

Go, the movies struggling right now, its on track to break even but considering the film was relatively cheap thats not a lot of ticket sales, as of right now its doing substantially worse than the first film so the likelyhood of there being a third, well its not looking good right now.

Which is a shame because its a damn good movie.

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umm, did we see the same movie?

kickass 2 was super tame... almost boring and campy...

first movie was miles ahead


I admit I haven't seen kickass in a while but I loved this movie, I've seen it twice already and will probably see it again.

See my problem with the franchise is I don't like the character kickass and I don't like the guy who plays him, kickass is supposed to be this guy that we relate to but the actor doesn't really sell it for me so it just ends up being a bland performance.

I mean were talking about a character who's entire motivation was 'he was bored' and he bounces from one bad decision to the next.

Kickass has always been surrounded by strong characters who you actually care about even the bad guys, in this movie kickass gets put where he belongs on the sidelines where other characters can shine.

Hit girls story is the perfect parody of every teen movie with a twist that could have only come from hit girls back story.


Sorry, I agree with Ryder. For me the film was awful. It fell into the sequel trap.


what did you think was wrong with it? Because I obviously really liked it.

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i wish Jim Carrey got more attention... the other super heroes were stupid... it was like watching Mystery Men...

i didn't build a connection with anyone so i didn't really care what happened to them.. plus, that actor who played the villain was just stupid... didn't buy into his character at all!


Well I could complain about the fact that they had to recast some of the characters, but that's not even a major problem for me, I could've looked past that if it had the attributes that the original had.

The humor was either really poorly delivered or just toilet humor (i.e the scene where Hit-Girl makes the girl vomit and then shit at the same time)
And yes, the humor in Kick-Ass was obscene and vulgar, but it played into the parody it was making.

I could go into a wall of text about what else was wrong with it (For me) but that was probably the biggest thing since the humor and violence played so much into the Kick-Ass universe.

That, and how they completely destroyed the complex relationship between Hit-girl and Kick-Ass for a cheap "romantic" ending.

Don't get me wrong, there were times I laughed, and I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. But for me, it didn't live up to what Kick-Ass had set before it.


I can understand the comment about carrey he deserved more screen time, as for the other hero's you, their stupidity is the point, these are people who are attracted to the comic book/film image thats been portrayed without an understanding of the harsh realities of violence and criminal activity.

There tragic back stories push them towards this movement so when the reality comes crashing down, it comes down hard.

If anything they exist to point out to kickass that what he's doing is dangerous and stupid.

As for the villain, if you dont buy who he is in this film then how did you buy who he was in the first?

the villain is the opposite of kickass, where as kickass learns the realities of what he's doing and eventually prepares accordingly the villain gets more obbessed with the fantasy and becomes more and more delusional.

He spent months obsessing over his dads death, has become a recluse and the only way he understands the world is through this comic book lense.

As for all of his comments again your supposed to laugh at him because its pointing out just how moronic it all is, kick ass and his band of heros included.

His hired help dont give a crap about playing the game, they just want to be violent and get paid.


I liked the humor and I thought the toilet humor was funny and it fit, I mean what were you going to have hit girl do? Kill them?

As for the cheap relationship at the end, it was always kind of building to that throughout the film, you have two characters that are spending a lot of time together, a girl who's just realising she's a girl and the fact that kickass has suddenly got hot.

And he's the only person that truely understands her because he was there from the beginning.

So it makes sense he'd be her first crush.

Do I wish they'd continue the complex relationship? Maybe.

But if you want to talk about equally cheap romantic ending, lets talk about kick ass 1, are you telling me you bought the fact that Dave pretends to be gay to get close to this girl to the point where he even see's her naked, then when he reveals he lied shes ok with that and they fall in love?

I mean it didnt happen like that in the comic book, she felt deservedly betrayed.


Spoilers ahead, though I don't believe in spoilers when a film should never be seen to begin with. You've been warned regardless.

Where can I even start? This film just tried so hard to the point it hurt and left me with the lasting impression of awkward silence because the movie was that uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong. I love violence, especially unnecessary over the top violence but this movie had very few moments of just that. When it did have them? The cinematography was poorly shot and could barely keep up with it.

The story tried so hard to prove that the bad guys were just that "bad". When in reality they were a fucking joke that couldn't be taken serious no matter what they did. So many unexplained actions that suffer no consequences which also leaves me baffled as hell. Was this meant to be a complete fantasy film? How the fuck can a Russian Mobster take out multiples of cops on her own and they all CLEARLY get away like it never even happened? How can the Mother Fucker (that's Red Mist's villian name) get away with paying off the bails of all these highly convicted criminals to raise a army of villains and it doesn't set off a single red flag with the higher ups when multiple people start dying? Seriously? Do you expect the audience to believe this pigeon feed bullshit?

What the fuck was up with Hit Girl being taken away from what made the first film good to begin with? Hit Girl in a modern world? Why? If I wanted to watch a teen melodrama I turn on the tvb. Seriously the most painful moments of the film were just that.

I'm not even a huge Nicholas Cage fan but this film lacked having him with that chemistry he had with Hit Girl. For the first time in my life I found myself actually missing Cage's performance.

Jim Carrey was meh. He dies so quick you hardly have a moment to feel any remorse for him.

Kick Ass was a joke. He seemed the least important character of the film which is kinda ironic when a film is called Kick Ass.

The Justice League as a whole? What a joke. Someone needs to shoot every single one of you dead.

What was up with that rape scene? I've read the comics, I know the details of what happens. In this film though,. they never made it clear if MF raped Night Bitch or what?

Speaking of bitches. I'm not sure what message the director was trying to give. So are women treated as mere play things or not? In one scene we have them talking about empowerment and in another we have two topless woman in a pool catering to MF. Oh yeah and the rape comment.

I like how one of Kick Ass's best friends basically killed KA's dad by giving away the fact that his dad was just covering him when the police came knocking. Of course it didn't stop there though, no of course not. Since KA killed MF's dad ....MF has to kill KA's dad. Spider Man anyone? Sure enough he does thanks to the information of his friend only because he's butt hurt that his friends are Super Heroes now and left him out. He tries to join and can only come up with the name Ass Kicker. Really? Still though, he storms off butt hurt and joins the villainss. Yet at the end there seems to be no consequences for the fact he sold out Kick Ass and had his father killed. Just one big happy fucking family.

So many loopholes in this piece of shit film. So many that I'm done giving a shit about it. The scary thing is, I didn't even cover everything that was wrong with this film.

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