Has anyone seen Kick Ass 2?

Any thoughts on it?

Because I thought it was a piece of garbage. It suffered from a real bad case of sequel syndrome if you ask me.
+ Different director
+ Some of the cast was changed
and that different director was a huge loss.

I'd be glad to elaborate more. But I'd like to see what others think :)

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yeah i saw it... pretty lame movie... not nearly as gorey as the first one... and hit girl looked like an asian with that mask on...


Well, for me it was just that the more obscene parts it did have were more for shock value than playing into the satire.

Not to mention that "mean girls"-esque type subplot that didn't really lead to anywhere. In my opinion, they could've gotten rid of that and given more screen time to some of the better characters like Colonel Stars and Stripes.


Haven't even seen the first one :(

hm087ster said:

Haven't even seen the first one :(

The first one in my opinion is great. Probably the most amazing thing is the fight choreography. It's all very well done and feels fluid and exciting.

If you aren't a big fan of explicit actions in movie (I.E Quentin Tarintino type stuff) you may not get past it to see some of it's more subtle things, and even if you are into it, it still takes a bit to get used to how blunt the movie is with it's violence and dialogue.

Thomas Orrow said:

Not interested in seeing either 1 or 2.

Any particular reason why? :o

Also, the truth is Jim Carey wasn't in it enough to even warrant being considered a major character that needed to do press. The fact that he no longer supported the movie is thought to be not because of it just being ultraviolence, but the fact that the ultraviolence was in bad tastes as opposed to the first movie.


Definitely agree it suffered from sequel syndrome! I was hoping for a half decent movie, but was disappointed.

Thomas Orrow
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Any particular reason why? :o

I just can't see anything appealing about the films. I tend to watch more Sci-Fi or dramas, rather than comedies aimed at teenagers.

I think I'd rather just watch Tom Green or Jackass on TV rather than a mediocre high budget movie if I wanted a few laughs. I haven't watched a decent comedy movie in ages which is from Hollywood. The Hangover 1 perhaps? or something by Adam Sandler maybe.

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I saw it and thought it was fine, I guess. Nothing great, but I really don't see how so many people can hate the second and love the first. There's less style with the new director, that's for sure. But all of the main characters are there and they're really what hold the movie together. My exceptions were pretty low too considering all of the bad reviews it was getting.

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I've seen it twice... i just want to see chloe moretz I like her... but the story was depressing for me.. too gory and the fun was not that funny anymore, more of dramas... i much better like the first one .


I loved it.

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It was a disgrace to Mark Millar and Romita Jr. They should let it go and let the book be.

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