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Help me pick troll hair color for the 90's challenge!

Hey friends!
I started drawing something for the 90's challenge this afternoon and hit a snag just a moment ago when someone said " I liked the three colorway version better." (This, moments after Jess chatted me to say "that thing you are drawing is scary.")
SO, I have two very useful pieces of information I am working with here, and will ultimately end up doing whatever I want to do, but I would like to hear your honest, valuable opinions!

Ok, now close your eyes. Ok now open them.
Let's say one morning you thought "fuck yeah, I'm gonna wear a weird fucking troll on my shirt today!" but OH FUCK you have two different versions of that same shirt!
One little troll guy has two-tone hair. The other is real wild 'n crazy and has GET THIS four-fucking-tone hair! WHAT DO YOU DO WHICH ONE DO YOU PICK OH MY GOD ITS JUST SO FUCKING HARD!!!!
And then you just give the fuck up and don't wear either of the troll shirts and nobody wins and everybody loses.

So let's say it's Monday morning and you're reaching for a troll shirt. Do you pick Troll A, or Troll B*?

*Troll's body has been withheld for now; please leave his naked body alone.

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jeffreyg profile pic Staff

A, def.

JIMDAHOUSECAT profile pic Alumni

i reckon TROLL B. :)

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni

I like the first one. :-) B looks like an alien laid an egg sack on his head, which is cool too.

sarah_bwmn profile pic Staff

this reminds me of all the umbro shorts i wore in the 90s, which means you're right on track. good work.

Matias Corado

Why not just one color? Maybe some flourescent color?

Also...what is that thing that is dripping from his nose, ears and head?

merkinspurlock profile pic Alumni
Matias Corado said:

Also...what is that thing that is dripping from his nose, ears and head?

I don't know yet.

5eth profile pic Alumni
redhandedjillian said:
Matias Corado said:

Also...what is that thing that is dripping from his nose, ears and head?

I don't know yet.


A all the way

Matias Corado

I think that could be cool if you do a light / dark t-shirt. Light: normal troll with fluo inks / Dark: troll skeleton (showing something strange behind his hair).

GyleDesigns profile pic Alumni

A for sure!

DRO72 profile pic Alumni

A. (two-tone)

even though i really like the phrase "four-fucking-tone hair"

FoodStampDavis profile pic Alumni

I'm into B.

Note that my instincts are always wrong, but I'm into B.

Dan Yingling

Is your troll going to be wearing matching Zubaz?

Poeha profile pic Alumni

I don't like it both. But I don't know why. I feel that this is not finished yet and something is missing...


it should be like the first version, but bright orange and blue!


actually, bright orange and green. cuz i see the green boogers, now lol


if you don't change the colors, i like version 1 the best


needs more snot imho.

dandingeroz profile pic Alumni

i hope this could help.


I don't know

However, why not tie it in with possibly the worst movie of all time - Troll 2?

38Sunsets profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -

troll B for me, less obvious, more surprising. But troll A is cool too.... so troll C something in between... ehe...?

FoodStampDavis profile pic Alumni

I love the shit out of this.

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

oh collin


needz moar orange!

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