I just subbed this elsewhere, but now I'm thinking maybe I should have subbed it here first. hat do you think?

This is my first venture into pop culture-y territory and my first thought was a bunch of other T-shirt sites before Threadless for this sort of work, but now I'm wondering if this design would work here?

This is up on qwertee, which I thought would be a more appropriate site. I have no idea how that site works and am loathe to learn the new social skills for it. Is anyone else over there too?

Watch this
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yeah, it's a fine drawing, and don't get me wrong, I love only my wife and child more than I love this show... I'm just feeling that the mashup of the meth texture and the linework isn't working


i've seen similar style in threadless prints...not sure abt the actor reference...the line work looks neat and clean


Qwertee works like this. You vote for the designs you want to see on sale at Qwertee. The most popular designs (according to the Qwertee community) will be printed, so voting counts.


...but if a design gets rejected, not sure now if they give a reason as to why they rejected it.

Thomas Orrow
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I like this! Not so keen on the backdrop, but I like the drawing. Maybe something more methy perhaps?

After waiting for ages to watch it, I've not watched the new season yet!

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yeah, i've seen it done before in a more graphic, less realistic style than what you've put up. This one preceeds the Teefury one by quite a bit I think

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I'm basically going to tout this around a few places and see what happens, it was just a trial sub for something I'd never done.

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