One second...

...also I really would like my 12 club back?

Pretty please!

Watch this

came to know about these club a while back...sounds awesome!...another old n awesome concept was the gold tag something...BTW Rick your designs are very cool

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Thanks Azrael :)

So they don't even do 12 club anymore?

I was just hoping we could have 12 club prints back on our profile page.


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dandingeroz said:

I still want to have a copy of my 12 club printed design. :(

It's a Wild Thing? That's a great shirt (no I'm not giving away mine)! I compared the shirt to the sub one day, there's a bunch of subtle little differences, I guess it wasn't the easiest design to print.

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Morkki Just hypotheticals, here. But if you put your Danshirt in a 3D copier and gave away freebies, charging only for adspace and shipping, that couldn't be construed as printing unauthorized t-shirts, right? Just asking, not because my business is in jeopardy.


I can't wait to live in a hamburger.

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It was this thing were you paid $250 and for 12 months you'd get a surprise shirt every month. And those shirts were exclusive to the club, never to be printed again!


there was a special club that you paid to join but you got an exclusive tee each month (you couldn't choose it, it was chosen for you.


Also, didn't you win a 12 mo club subscription when you got printed?

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Morkki said:

No, Threadless just encouraged you to use a part of the GC for a subscription

I might have misremembered but initially I think you did have to get the 12 month, but later you could exchange it for real money.

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