"Pissed off" - Collab with goliath72. Up to vote!

So, in that collab with the awesome Daniel Arzola

The idea is a Dalmatian dog fire fighter.

But instinct speaks louder. "Fuck it. I'm out!"

Title: Pissed Off

Ready to score!


First view

Upeedate 01/09
shades, textures and pee
mockup 1 - landscape

mockup 2 closeup

9/5 Update - no yellhow pee, new eye.
Angry eye 01

Angry eye 02

Watch this

Why is the dog extinguishing fire?


And is there enough in him to extinguish the fire?

Elma e Francis

Ok, i thing I don't was clear enough. The idea is the dog pissing not on fire, but in the hydrant, while people are burning in backgroud.

And if he is pissing in the fire (it can be an nice idea) is because he is an firefighter (you know, because the Dalmatians are the official dogs from firefighters in USA)


I did not know that!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

a FIRE hydrant (made out of fire) would be a better option.

BeanePod profile pic Alumni

what if it were peeing on a little toy building....like toy blocks or legos or something. or nestor's idea too...just saw that

but keep at it guys....could end up great :D

soloyo profile pic Alumni

That would explain why they are always peeing on those fire hydrants hehehehehe


Version 2. I think there's not even need of the hydrant. The first sketch at the top was clear enough, and all other versions are less strong IMO.

Elma e Francis

Thanks for the feedback, guys! So, apparently is better to make the dog using the pee to extinguish the fire, rigth?

The peeing in the hydrant idea should be like "fuck the system" felling, but I miss someting, maybe in his face.

I'll try to work with the closer fires. thank you :)

Elma e Francis

Ok. I have 4 ways to go. The decision is yours, Daniel :)

1 - Keep the hydrant, without the yellow pee.

2 - Like Perry suggested, the dog peeing in a toy building. I think that wood blocks are perfects for this.

3 - Like Soloyo suggested, the dog is peeing in a burnig fire hydrant

4 - Like Manu suggested, make it very clear, just adding an extinct cigarette butt.

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

haha nice, I dont like the yellow pee, but I sorta like it just peeing on the fire hydrant

no need to overkill the idea


I like the idea of the dog peeing on a toy building (that's on fire).

goliath72 profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the suggestion buddy great to get supprt from a legend!!

alexmdc said:

haha nice, I dont like the yellow pee, but I sorta like it just peeing on the fire hydrant

no need to overkill the idea

goliath72 profile pic Alumni

thanks buddy!

mip1980 said:

Ha ha this has a little touch of genius about it :-) great work guys

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