The 7th Annual Threadless Family Reunion (Photos are DONE!)

Hey guys!

I'm just going to post a couple of memories as I try to remember them. As you all know, photos will come once I start to edit them. They may take a while to show up because I'm working the next couple of nights, but don't worry. I will get them posted as soon as possible. Let's start with the memories!

If you were at the meet up, feel free to post your own.

  • Drooling after taking a shot

  • Alex has dangerous floors. R.I.P. sock.

  • Waking up the British at 3 am to have them take shots and them passing out right after they took em

  • 1:30 am booze run and getting rejected by a bar

  • Late night darts at Alex's where Becky and I totally sucked and hit nothing but the walls and floor

  • Becky and her random wants to do a cartwheel

  • Becky really wants a hot dog

  • "Take a seat so I can beat your meat." (don't remember who said this.)

  • Getting scared by the Threadless zombie at the entrance multiple times

  • Alice wins design of the year and gets surprised... and screams.

  • "Wine not? Beercause we like it." -valorandvellum

  • Jeff's tater tots get taken by a homeless guy

  • Jeff inhaling his coffee and spitting it out and almost hitting the guy in line with it

  • "We've got a sausage coming." "That's what she said!"

  • "If it dies, take the plates off it."

  • Alice gets a creepy hug

  • Seeing Sarah's cake get devoured by the drunks at the party

  • Alex sucks at opening wine

  • Torasteve is a Fartmaster and Priscilla is good at making princess hats with elf ears

  • Seth orders a plain dog at the food truck

  • Scampi the Squirrel

  • Fishy smelling bandanas

  • Penis serves ice cream at the meet up. Oh, that's not their name. Well, they had great salted caramel and whiskey and pecan ice cream.

  • Amanda gets asked if she wants vodka in her drink at Little Goat

  • Helping out at Threadless HQ before the big events

  • Pub crawl before the kickball game. Sweet margs, shots, beers, a basket of bacon, and some orange thing.

  • All of us trying to order mint juleps and failing at every place

  • Finally getting to try a mint julep at BellyQ, and I was the only person who didn't like it

  • Thank you for the drinks, Faisal

  • Priscilla scores a point at the kickball game

  • Jeff falling over while trying to take a group photo at the end of the game

  • Winning a mini bestee and then living up to it

  • Meme shirts

  • Jeff and Jess got worse at reading stats throughout the day

  • West Loop meet up

  • Overhearing the girl behind me talking about how nervous she was that she was actually going to meet Craig

  • Nathan doing the tetris theme song during his interview

  • Head & Shoulders

  • Stealing an idea from Jeremyville's mural and going to Little Goat for dinner

  • My camera smells

  • How did I get this cut on my leg? Spilling a drink on it made it sting, but I think it killed the bacteria.

  • We all suck at Megaman

  • Circle/Square

  • Digimon with Jeff and Seth

  • Beard and butt touching

  • Breaking Bad watching party. Everyone quiet!

  • Using lyft and meeting awesome people

  • Everyone's beautiful performances during karaoke. Props to Cecily, Torasteve and Jared, Jess, and Lance.

  • Jake makes the perfect lion

  • "Fuck it."

  • "Budi, Budi, Budi, Budy rockin everywhere." - Torasteve

  • Finding puke on the floor when the lights turned on after the party

  • Watching epic foosball games, especially between Seth and Alex

  • Bric A Brac. I want the McDonalds lunchpail.

  • Noticing Blarfus in the picture frame on stage during the Jeremyville presentation

  • "Hi. I don't think we've officially met." (Sorry Jen.)

  • Craig's photo being slowly revealed as the balloons were popped

  • Finally meeting Levi

  • McDonalds after the meet up. Jess' weird order of a filet o fish and skim milk.

  • Jess throwing her bottle in the back seat of the car after she chugged her milk.

  • Being excited to go to Honky Tonk and then having car issues

  • "Hey look Alex. That car can reverse."

  • Betsy getting stuck to the chair at the tamale place.

  • Becca and John love to hurt me.

  • Gabe is a big dipper

  • Twiggyjen wins a mini bestee for selfies

  • Jeff spilling wine on his shorts

  • Chilling in front of the Threadless HQ in lawn chairs with cups of Botabox

  • Seeing Torasteve get hit in the face with a basketball

  • Coordinating with Seth. Poop, shower, poop, shower.

  • Towel shortage at Alex's

  • Jeff's blood shot eyes


  • People I don't know asking me to take their photos at the after party and asking how they can see their photos. Sorry guys. I'm not a real photographer!

  • Hula hoop jump roping

  • Being asked where the absolut was when I volunteered to pour drinks for 20 minutes

  • Remember when that guy put a scorpion down his pants?

  • Twiggy bit my nip through my shirt :(

  • First round of drinks is on me fail at Little Goat

  • "It's like Christmas in July!" - valorandvellum

  • Being a part of Jake's creepy birthday surprise

Thanks to Threadless for having this annual meet up! You guys work so hard to make this happen for the community. Jess, Jeff, and every single one of the staff members deserves a big round of applause for everything they do!

Here are some Instagram photos for you to enjoy for now...

Now for some real photos!


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5eth profile pic Alumni
  • Alex's best game point goal in foosball history.
  • "Don't forget that airplane pillow!"
  • Pushing Alex's car out of parking spots.
  • Jess' 2 second milk chug.

I was just a bout to make one of these! :D

sooooo many lols and drunken haziness...


awesome! hey, who won the bestees? was it awesome?


So much happened at the after party! Man! Why am i not 21?

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

stinknamazing - how many more years until you can start to have fun?

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. :-) Can't wait to see some pictures, I always look forward to yours!


i absolutely LOVED those photobooth photos. hilarious


sounds like randoodoo won the 'most likely to blarf at a meetup" hahaha

wearecareful profile pic Staff

Good to see you! I learned that being a carnie is hard work... even with bourbon.

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

lol. Already forgot about getting hit in the face with a basketball.

Good thing the wine made me stronger.

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni
wearecareful said:

Good to see you! I learned that being a carnie is hard work... even with bourbon.

My first thought waking up Saturday was "Ughhh... I need to not drink so much today."

Right when I get to HQ, Lance offers me some bourbon.

Good times.

5eth profile pic Alumni

Seriously though, if you guys aren't doing anything right now, go watch Digimon.


All my thoughts of you are alcohol related too Randy.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni


5eth profile pic Alumni
  • "I love how they put the Stella label in the middle of the dartboard so when you get a bullseye you see it."

" Twiggy bit my nip through my shirt :( "


mebbe I shoulda sang "Maneater..."

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

• Forever having "the whole shabang" ruined at Boiling Crab.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

Priscilla running to home plate in heels and a dress

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

i like the way you work it. no diggity.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

Oh gosh. I better put that memory up, Steve.

GyleDesigns profile pic Alumni

"So what do you guys want to do?" "I dunno... what time does Emporium open?" "Hey, Jess, is Emporium open?" "I dunno... Hey Crystal, is Emporium open?" "Yeah." "Ok, let's go to Emporium." -never got to Emporium

taz-pie said:

awesome! hey, who won the bestees? was it awesome?

best jeff: jeff?


best buttery guy:


5eth profile pic Alumni
GyleDesigns said:

"So what do you guys want to do?" "I dunno... what time does Emporium open?" "Hey, Jess, is Emporium open?" "I dunno... Hey Crystal, is Emporium open?" "Yeah." "Ok, let's go to Emporium." -never got to Emporium


silverqe profile pic Alumni



ALICE! I didn't even talk to you!! wtf????


I really wanted a hot dog, okayyyyyy?!


Man i could totally go for a hot dog RIGHT MOW


Butt seriously guys. Fill us in on them Bestees! Did Twigz win for best boobs?


hahahahahahahahahahabdbecvwgivgfuiwgviuv :D


I take that as a YES!


Next year I turn 21 but in the fall. OCT 11

jesshanebury profile pic Alumni

alex: just make a left and then go in reverse. Let me know when you need to go in reverse. OK go in reverse now.

uncannyxjen profile pic Alumni

how'd you remember all that?

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

Remember when we got all that free food at Westend because they forgot my tacos, which I didnt even need because you guys ordered SO MUCH FOOD?!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

I don't know how I remember, Jen!

Morkki said:

Best Bestee Blog Maker: Definitely not Jeff

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

Priscilla is such a clown.

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