Hi guys! How are you?
Last week they declined my last work and now I want to ask you any suggestions to make it better! Your comments are really important for me, so.. come on! ;)
Have a nice day


Watch this

Details are so less, the colors you chose are too bright and every color is fighting each other.. IMO I would make a bright color on the yettee, I would lessen the contrast of the background. I would put some details on the artwork.. and this is important. BASIC LINES makes the art sooooooo boring.

Look at these, I made the palm trees sway or dance a little bit.

You could do that on your artwork. For me everything is tangent or perfectly align that what makes it boring. So yeah.. COLORS, TANGENT, DETAILS and FONT could use some work


thank you so much kaizenkris! the colours are not bright like you see in the image I posted. I don't know what happened with the "free image hosting". :( I will follow your suggestions for sure! thank you so much


If that is the case.. maybe you are not working on RGB mode. and based on you art, I see you did it as vector so Im guessing its in AI or Corel Draw.. but anyways work on RGB mode, and when you are selecting colors, make sure that the "!" don't appear when choosing a color in color palette.

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