90's Pop Culture WIP: Legends of the Hidden Temple

So I've been on this one for a few days now. I've reached a good "stopping" point and just want some feedback on where i should go next. I'm already planning on adding some shading to the "cartoon contestants" but I'd really like to "unify" the color scheme a bit more. Also planning on "curving" the text to wrap around the playfield more (should I keep the font?)

Also! I experimented with shirt colors and this looks surprisingly good in black. Any other shirt color suggestions?

All feedback is appreciated!

Watch this

Sorry... just curious... was this an actual board game? I'm not familiar with any of the references so it's hard to critique on any of that. From a basic design standpoint I'm feeling like the path should be more unified and your drawings more consistent (on the monsters you have more detail with hatching/cross-hatching/texture but on the boy it's just outline). Font on the path is good, and curving it is definitely a good idea. This is a REALLY busy design. Not sure how it would look on a shirt, but best of luck with it!

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