fresh (subbed)

can you guys help me out, it's for the 90s competition, I would love some help on improving it, thanks guys hope you like it


and yes I am aware there is no detail to his fist yet

here is my final inked version, and I am finally likening how it looks, hope you like, I will be coloring soon!


added a texture and stuff

thanks for all your critique guys, I hoped you guys like the final version! I just subbed it

thanks again

Watch this

Cant really tell what hes holding in his hand? Not crazy about the proportions. His robot torso is too short and so are his legs. They also look like deformed skinny legs. Maybe just stick with robot legs and just have that pouch?

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ok thanks, hes holding a cd dosnt really look like it now...maybe I give him zubaz shorts instead of pants so you can see his legs?


Can't put my finger on it, but I just don't like the leg pose. I do love the color combination you picked out though...totally reads 1995.

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Thanks all I'll try and work on it tomorrow, I'm also thinking some old fashioned ink and paper will be way better

Awe hes cute how bout a pink fanny pack lol love it and maybe different color for the guy hes blending alot with the background. The zebra pants are a nice touch :) just fix the one leg on the right is it straight or bent. Goodluck :)!

thepapercut said:

Can't put my finger on it, but I just don't like the leg pose. I do love the color combination you picked out though...totally reads 1995.

I think it's that the whole robot body is 3/4 profile but the feet are just drawn profile pointed downward. I'd try to match the feet up better with the rest.


Liking the ink! and agree with abstracttimes about the position of the feet! It's should be more towards 3/4 - front-ish view.

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I see what your saying, Im having a hard time with the shoes because for me any other way just dosnt look like a shoe, you know what I mean? im having a hard time illustrating it. any references will be fantastic


I hear ya, Chuck! ;) 3rd pic (shoes) from the left? Something like that? (I'm not too sure what your exact pose is supposed to be so... yup) Google up 'model sheet' or ' character turntable/turnaround' - there's plenty to ref from! Those are flat though - they don't have top down shots if that's what you're looking for.


it's looking good. :] -imo the perspective on the feet is too much from above. Unless he's jumping?


hmmm if he's jumping for joy, his arms should be outstretched I think.

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Well he's at least just suspended in the air, I thought that would be better for a t shirt so there wouldn't be so much dead space, like all the ground, and remove those questions like do I draw a shadow, pavement? Does that make sense?


Nice adjustment to the feet. Good job.


That line work is just fantastic man. Feet are looking better too.

Thomas Orrow
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The concept is great and the linework is cool, but for me all of the body just looks plain awkward. I wouldn't draw him floating like in that other sub either.

I would just completely re-draw this. He needs a kind of tough guy stance or an action pose. At the moment he looks like he's been kneed in the junk and flattened by a steamroller. Sorry to say that, as I'm sure you have put a lot of effort into it! :D

That's my critique. Take it or leave it. You may or may not want to listen to me as I've subbed 200 designs over 5 years and have had no prints and haven't even won as much as a tee shirt. :)

Good luck and hope you get a good score/ and or it prints!

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Ok thanks Tom... I'll try and draw it again.... For the 10th time! Lol but I might keep the pose... Because he's a robot I wanted him to be plain and vanillaish

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Right now I'm on vacation so I can't work on it right now but ill do it as soon as I get home, thanks for asking, that's sweet


killer robot man

gradients are good...more depth in the shoes and hat i think and maybe a design on the jacket, think 90s windbreakers

hope i could i help


I think the cord of the headphones should be in front, not behind. It took me a bit to get that he is holding a cd player, a visible cord should help. It should be smaller on the shirt, needs space around it. The fists don't look very robot to me, i'd like them to be more mechanical.


I don't if it's just me but all this while I thought he's holding an about-to-be-pitched-ball! Perhaps a couple of buttons on the player might clarify this. or a little change in the player's angle may be. Anyway, absolutely loved the inking, choice of clothes :D and the color-scheme. Good luck!

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