Aqua TV Show Show (WIPs)

I had no idea this show existed before the challenge, so far I have seen the first 3 seasons and Im LOVING IT!

So I came up with 2 ideas, one is a reference from my favorite episode (so far) 'Circus' and the second one is their silly and funny adventure cart.

Tell me what do you guys think.

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Theo86 profile pic Alumni

awesome, both are potentially great. I like the Meat Mountain one best, looking forward to updates.


nice classic episode reference on the first one. good solid line work

P0ckets profile pic Alumni

If you're just doing one, I'd go for the first. It has a nice meaty flavour. Nice lines on both though!

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Love the lines and colors. I think to fit in with the hand-drawn look, you should feather or texture the straight edges on the 'panels'.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Circus Oddities is amazing! The digital coloring has muted your cool hand drawn inky feel. I'm almost certain keeping it as a 1 color print would look best.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Oh, also, it might have just been the way you shot the photo above, but the poster looked more quirky at a slant!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Lastly! I'm impressed you gathered so much from JUST watching the first 3 seasons! Your inspiration is inspirational.

hugodiaz profile pic Alumni

Thank you very much for your suggestions, @kuro_te will do that tonight! @mezo I will make a 1 color version (maybe some gray areas) tonight, I always tend to draw things with some inclination and then I fix my bug on photoshop, lol.. also thanks for your kind words :)

selfsorter profile pic Alumni

Colored version would make a sweet poster. Grayscale versions work better on a shirt.

Great job!


Looking good!

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