feed back please

Watch this

a design i been working on


i'd make earth lighter in colour to contrast with its background.


Maybe some light and shadows would make it more 'deep'

Maybe some variations in the size of the stars and a kind of white stain on the space...


frauleinkatrina profile pic Alumni

I would suggest working on the stars (like lxlopes said, different sizes) and definitely a different font, if you really feel text is needed. I honestly think the joke comes across without any text, and I prefer designs that use as little as possible to get the point across. I would work on your characters, they don't feel solid to me yet. Definitely some shading, maybe considering perspective on the moon's moon, and little things like the blush on the earth not being even. I think this is an awesome concept though, and you should definitely keep pushing it.


Thanks every one for the feedback I'll start working on it as soon as possible


very cool.

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