AP - Clockworks Complete

EDIT: 10/24/13
Its done - the whole series of 13 etchings is up on my website. yay - now I get to bask in the glory of completed project for a moment before moving on to the next.

Hey all

I put up the third release of my clockworks etchings today. Thought some of you might be interested.
It is a triptych about rocket ships

also - for my friends I made this link for free shipping... it will only be working till monday morning.
Hope you all are doing well and enjoying mid-august.

lots of high fives all around


Watch this

Wow, stunning work, as always.

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thanks squinty, you are always so nice and have such good taste :)


Love it. Brings me Julius Verne to mind! Is he an inspiraciĆ³n for you somehow?

the czar

Are those prices for framed or no?

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thanks chuck, Eric! Locobs - Absolutely inspired by Jules Verne, but not so much directly as I am by the general cultural aesthetic that he was a part of forming. I am all about kindling old fires that everyone can relate to in their own way. You may see Jules Verne where someone else will see serial TV inspirations like Flash Gordon etc. The point is to celebrate the whole mix that exists in our culture.

Czar, no frames. In fact the frames are probably gonna cost more than the prints (which is both common and sad for fine art prints). But when considering the medium (hand pulled intaglio etchings) they are actually quite affordable in comparison to other similar work.

the czar

Ok that makes sense. I'm gonna pull the trigger, that set of 3 is just too cool. Wifey loves em too, and having a photographer father means I have a good source for frames haha.

the czar

DONE! Very excited

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Awesome! I will take particular care with your print, and don't be surprised if there is something extra in there :D

the czar

Haha sweet thanks Joe. We have already picked out a spot for it!. All we have hanging in our house is photos by me and my pop, and art by friends so this fits the theme!


Lovely as always, Joe.

Thomas Orrow
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Wonderful work, it's like the future, yet it's in the past! An alternate world perhaps! I've read a lot of Verne's books and enjoyed them too.


Very nice illustrations, love the details!


These are great! Very inspirational.

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Man, your etchings are looking killer. Every piece in that triptych is equally stunning for different reasons.

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thanks everyone!!

it has taken so long to get to the point that I am able to release these. I am happy that they are so well received. You stare at something for 100's of hours and you kinda lose track of whats what.


awesome work !...

"You stare at something for 100's of hours and you kinda lose track of whats what."..that's right,but you've done the work very good.

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hi sam :D

so you guys who have no discretionary cash for fine intaglio prints - go to my facebook cause I am giving away more prints.


lots of joe high fives

the czar

I got these today, they look amazing! and a bonus print, also amazing! Thanks so much IsaJoe!!

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yay - so glad you got them ok. (they did make it to you safely i hope) Thanks again for the support!

the czar

Yes they were packed very well, they are on the table now flattening out.

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thnks doods :)

the czar

Wow, Joe those other ones are amazing also. Great stuff, nice to see some of them sold out!

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lunchboxbrain said:

Looking forward to seeing your MADE collection!


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