Mine has been destroyed.

I was talking to my mom in my room last night and all of a sudden my dad comes in and he's like "Did you tell Selina about her shirt yet?" And I'm just thinking to myself "W....t.....f????" and my mom just gave me a look and said "No....not yet." And I'm like "Ahh great NOW what did you do to my shirts!?" since my father has a history of destroying all of our good t-shirts. So my mom goes to the Threadless shirt pile on my bed, pulls out Funkalicious, turns it around, and shows me what happened to it. Turns out my shirt got stuck in SOMETHING, and there's not just one, but like five big holes in the back. It's like someone deliberatly ripped holes in it or a gargantuan moth got to it. I didn't get that mad, remembering that they had just printed this recently. Man I lucked out.

If this HADN'T been reprinted, my father would not be alive right now.

Just thought I would let everyone know.

Watch this

This is my best shirt too. Everyone compliments me when I wear it. Thank goodness I can get another one.


LOL. i cant wait to get my sweater because my teacher has a tattoo of almost the same thing!!


I always did my own laundry when I lived at my parents house.It was just safer that way


i wear this shirt more than i realize, what the hell does your dad do to shirts..?


it's really really hard to fuck up laundry


Well there was this one time that he decided to wash our shirts (I still have no idea what convinced my mom to allow him to do that.) and most of them were mine and he bleached the hell out of all of them. They were all my best shirts that I wore all of the time. One had a frog on it, the other had a monkey, and another one was my Spitfire t-shirt which was my FAVORITE one out of them all and it got completely ruined. It had these icky brownish reddish spots on it. I resented him for a while after that.

It's not hard for my dad to screw up laundry apparently.


Nvm about the "five holes" thing. It's more like 20!

Each Hit

your dad sounds kind of slow, at least when it comes to laundry =D

my mom never let my dad do any laundry but his own, usually. i remember one time, though, my little sister totally pinked up a whole load of whites by sneaking a brand new red shirt of hers in the load.

glad you got the reprint, though.


my mom does her and my sister's laundry,
my dad and I do our own.
nobody in our house has ruined anything.. yet
::crosses fingers::

how the heck did holes get ripped in your shirt?
what could have been in the wash that would have caught on it?
that's just nutty


I have no idea. It's really creepy actually.

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i hate when parents destroy you're clothing

once i had just gotten a shirt in the mail (not threadless) and left it out for a couple hours and the kid we were babysitting cut a huge hole in it with scissors

Malcolm Man

My clothing just disappears. I have no idea where some of my favorite shirts have gone. Well, I have an idea, but no proof damn it!


i shrunk my favorite hoody down about 5 sizes once...that was sad :( Now its a tight-fitting running hoody that i barely wear when im home! it has a superman logo on it and said supergirl on an arm. so sad :(


Yeah, seriously... you're 16. Do your own laundry. Soap. Water. Close lid.

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Moral lesson: you must do your own laundry as to not blame anyone incase something fucks up.

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he washes his cutlery with the clothes.


that's why I haven't let either of my parents touch any of my clothes for years, haha. Sorry to hear it.

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