Looking for feedback

Any feed back for this design would be apprechiated.

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Mark Sheppard
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Sense its a simple design try making several variations. You may wont to try drawing it traditionally and scanning it in and adding value. Once you have several you will have a better idea what is working and what is not sometimes you need something to compare the work to. You know these kind of look like sculls what if you put teethe at the bottom? Good luck

martinosimani2 profile pic Alumni

i think that you need to work out the concept too. maybe if you put them in a different situation would be better. Try to find the funny side I would change the drawing style and use more straight lines, and if you hide the lines of the vectors would be great too. Good luck with your design :)


it look unfinished.. i would clean up the lines, add details and add some highlights or shading or maybe textures.. it looks flat to me right now.. and most important thing is the concept...


family theme?

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