A question about designs in the running...

Is there an easy way of posting links to the designs here on my Threadless blog rather than manually creating image links? Like in the old days when you could just paste that thumbnail code.

Also, all three say there are 12 days left to vote, even though Dress Code went up 2 days before the others, which only went up today. Is it not 7 days anymore?

Also is it not possible for me to delete my older blogs now that I have this new one?


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1.Not that I know of. 2. Contest voting lasts until the end of the contest voting period for everyone, regardless of when you sub. So if you sub on the first day it will score for 20 days. This has advantages and disadvantages :) 3. Not that I know of.

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Thank you kindly.


Scoring for design challenges lasts from the time that the design is approved until the end of the designated scoring period for that particular challenge, no matter when you submitted your design. For the general Threadless competition, scoring is still 7 days.

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Elephantwhale has to print. I mean, I imagine they are just waiting for the voting to end so it looks better to everyone else.

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