I was just wondering...

Hello, everyone!

It has been a while since i've been involved in something around here, but i regularly gave a quick look at how everything was evolving. I see a lot of changes in the layout and functionalities of the site that i almost feel like totally new here. I'd also like to submit something someday,too.

Btw, i was just wondering if the results from the College challenge (that took place more than six months ago) has ever been revealed, since i can't seem to find them in the challenge page. Just curiosity...

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Hi and welcome back!

If you are talking about the college mascot challenge, yes that was revealed some time ago.


yeah, i'm talking about the college mascot challenge, and i alreay saw the ones you're linking edward, but those are from last year challenge, they did it again these year and were supposed to be new mascot tees. Here's the link to the challenge i'm talking about:



Hey Chris! It's going fine, i've spent month in front of my computer just working on exams for university, and it's already almost time to get back on that stuff full time. Hope to find the time for some design and to hang around here more. What about you?

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I have been keeping my eye out, have heard nothing. I have been meaning to ask this same question myself; the challenge ended in February! I would think with school starting up again the winner would be announced soon.


Yep, it's been a lot of time since the end of the challenge. I thought i was missing something since i've been away from threadless lately.

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