It's me, Queenmob! As some of you know, I'm a crazy nerd-shirt-designer. I also love comics. And I'm working on one now.

I want to share with you the insane project "The Pepper-Chronicles" (fb-fanpage right here)I'm working on with the amazing ink-master spyderray and my friend Dan (writer). It's a 160-200 page comic project, set in a fantasy world. The main character is Mara Payne, bad-ass member of the city watch who gets sent off to big, oriental fantasy metropolis Acco to deliver a letter. There she gets drawn into a crazy murder mystery with her magic sidekick, Jacop - who also likes to distribute penis-enlargement spells via spam-flyers!

Besides a spooky murder mystery, what awaits you in the upcoming year/s (Becky, who is inking, is working AND studying, so we are at a bit slow pace) is full, frontal nudity, filthy humor, insane magic battles, stray unicorns, exploding birds and demons and shit! AND MORE!!!!
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And you will be rewarded with at least 5000 experience-points!

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Already following it! It's neat to see a sneak peek into the process of making an epic comic. :-)

Are you guys planning on getting it published? And if so, when? I'd love to have a hard cover trade of this, it would look so nice.

queenmob profile pic Alumni

I totally want it to get published hard-cover! We plan on getting into the whole publishing part once we are a wee bit further. We are a done with less than half, so I suppose we will start dealing with the publishing part in about half a year or so. :-D Glad you like it!

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Amazing stuff. I remember seeing samples on your site. Will have to follow this more closely.

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