Critique please & submision declined, why? :3

Watch this

Maybe you should just try to clean it up and make it look more like a graphic than a sketch. If the lines were crisp and solid black it could be more successful. If you have Illustrator, something as simple as using Image Trace could help you out a little.


because you bassicaly plopped an image on a shirt with a white background on the image do an image sketch or make a vector of it but if you do the image trace make sure to get rid of the white so only the white is portrayed from the colour of the tshirt itself, making it more black and removing the white will make it pop out a lot more and make it a stronger design. also i'm not clear on the concept, what is the concept exactly?


The concept is to look like a sketch, thanks for comments!!

mattinthecatt said:

Using the sketch as the final image brings a real authenticity to the overall design. This only works when the image is robust enough on its own which yours is. As RVRIAD stated above the white blends in with the white of the shirt (even though you could be placing it on a non-white shirt for inclusion in the final judging so that idea would be moot). I do think you should sharpen up the edges, darken the black lines and make the shading (in all areas of the skull) appear more fluid. You could potentially add a pop of color (yet I do appreciate the black and white) in the mouth region or to highlight the synapses behind the eyes sockets. Overall you have a focused starting point its just often with a sketch design the image can be "lost" on the t-shirt or another item if the image is not darkened enough.

I agree with you, yeah! Thank you very much for the comment!! If you want to respond ... Color, what color advice?

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