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Is this Minimalisticerised?

Have had this sitting for a while, not sure what to do with it.

Does it work for the Minimalism contest?
Or any cool ideas for it?

Doesn't really have much of a concept behind it. Maybe I should turn the flames in to a dungeon, for all the D&D fanpeeps.

Watch this
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I'm not 100% it's minimal enough to be "minimalism," but I could be wrong.

I'm also not 100% I know what it is.

But I am 100% that it's frikkin' sweet.

GyleDesigns profile pic Alumni

Imma guess that it's a dragon breathing fire.

My second guess is that the batman logo is going up against giant snake Jafar.

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Ha, yeah I saw the batman logo in it just before as well. Not intentional. Need to do something about that. Or with it.


At first I thought this was the cobra man-beast from the 1984 flick Dreamscape featuring a young Dennis Quaid. Alas.. tis not.

But yeah, D&D designs, coolness.


It definitely is cool looking, I think a castle with gated fence scene or something like that in the orange lower section would looks sweet!

Matias Corado

Hmmm...I don't know if it is as clear to be minimalist. At first sight I thought it was a cobra.


Yeah, I think you have that kind of abstract art style that makes people see different things, and its very thought provoking, and awesome. I saw a cobra at first. If you are going for that response, then dont change anything. But i'm afraid without a strong concept, it might not go far.

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