too many sketches 8/10/2013

Science gets me high

Big in lilliput

Peace diver II

Sugar cube

Watch this
Pyne profile pic Alumni

Whoa! So much great stuff! I like Liliput and Sugar Cube the best, but they're all great.

Boiled fly
Boiled fly profile pic Alumni

awesome ideas


Love Peace Diver!


Science gets me high. Science nerds like t-shirts too!

Abstract Matter

I'd absolutely love to collab on Pace Diver or Science Gets me High

Email me if you're interested!

Sithi The Wierdo

Ehem.. I like the sugar cube and big in lilliput :D Good luck :)

biotwist profile pic Alumni
Theo86 said:

Peace diver II is awesome! Would you be up for a collab on that one?

nah, that's any easy minimalism one for me to do but thanks


Wow, nice idea sketches.

jaywalkergraphics said:

Lilliput is the homerun, IMHO.



The sugar cube looks really great! I love the minimalism of the details.

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