Thoughts on this WIP?

So I learned how to make a pattern recently and this is what happened! I think it's pretty cool, but not really shirt worthy. If anyone has thoughts about how to make it shirt worthy/if it would even really be worth the effort, that would be awesome! Note: the edges do line up on all sides, it's really just a content thing. Like, would this work with different faces, or no faces, or just never. Thanks!

Watch this

I feel the watercolor is pretty solid without the faces. If you want to keep the faces, maybe you can add the "runny" watercolor effect to the faces to make it look almost hand painted.

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Yeah, I can't make cartoons very well, and I don't have the best command of photoshop yet, but here's a cleaned up version of the pattern in a 4x4 so you can tell where it starts to repeat: I'm just not really sure that this is enough for Threadless design wise without some sort of cute or smart twist.


what i'd do is instead of repeating your cute image, make the cute image a single image that works with the pattern in a cutout way or a transparency of the image? that way you still get the pattern in it?

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What about the pattern as is? I tossed it on some templates for perspective. I'm just not sure what image would go on it well (beyond my initial cartoons, which didn't work out)... Thoughts? Or ideas for what could go on it more than the pattern?


I agree w ragboll it does hv a oceany feel..perhaps u could make the pattern more wavelike? eg, roundish crests and peaks

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