T-shirt templates seem to put opacity onto design?

Apologies if this is a stupid question and I'm missing something really obvious.

I'm struggling with the t-shirt templates in Photoshop when using a really dark t-shirt colour.

When I bring my design through it looks like it has opacity on it? So say if I want to put a white line on a black t-shirt it looks like a really dull grey?

I've tried turning the shadows off, fiddled with the layers, adjusted the contrast etc but I can't work out what's going on for the life of me and can't get it to look like how I intend?!

Also is there somewhere I can I find some slightly more exciting t-shirt templates?!

Thanks all!

Watch this

If you look at the layer blending mode I think it says 'pass through' change that to normal and you should be fine. Search for an artist called 'xiv' he posted a blog ages ago with loads of different tee templates!

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You using the threadless templates?

In the Tee Folder, it should be Shadows first, then your image, then the base colours.

The shadows will darken it everso slighty but ive never had an issue. I have just tried white text and it looked fine. Just make sure that those layers are in the order stated.


Yeah it's the threadless templates. Layers are in the right order, will try the layer blending though. Not done that yet! Thanks will look up those other templates!


Could someone send me a working link to the xiv templates? I found the post with the same issue and the right link to the xiv templates but I get an error 404.


Aaah thanks Manupix, much obliged.

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