Music Lesson

  • by sgkol
  • posted Aug 08, 2013

Music Lesson

Watch this

isn't it usually 'la Ti do'?


Yea It's spose to be "Ti" Not "Si". haha. y'all should fix that.


I love this and would buy it if the solfege syllables were correct...


It should say "Ti". "Si" is used if you are raising the 5th scale degree a half step in major so it would go "So" to "Si" . When I checked out the wikipedia reference, they are talking about raising the 7th scale degree only when you are in "LA" MINOR. That is when it is called "Si" Since this graphic for the tee is in the key of "C" major, where "C" is "DO" , yes. the 7th scale degree should be called "Ti". Sorry to the designer and to the other commenter, but it is wrong :( I'm a music geek!


This is fixed Do, not movable Do. Si is correct.


I need this one Adult Size though! :D


Even with movable Do, Si would not be used, Si is used to modify Sol. You are in the key of C, no matter the moveable Do, this still is not correct, surprised Threadless didn't pick this up before final production went out. True that a "classical" version of solfege is technically written this way, no one in the modern world would ever use this... Music Majors unite!!


Did any of you Music majors think that maybe, just maybe, the artist intentionally put "Si DoDo" as in "See the DoDo"?


And PLEASE reprint this in Kids and Adults!! Its adorable, whether wrong or right.

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