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Zombies in Springfield! Pending :D

Hello everyone!

Here I leave my contribution to the contest of "The Simpsons"

To my special Halloween episodes of The Simpsons have always been my favorites, so here in my felt he ought to try to create a story of Zombies in Springfield

I also wanted to mention to one thing. Perhaps the presentation when designing this up is different. When I got to finish it last night I was exhausted and did a presentation pretty bad. This morning I got up early and changed the mock up. I have written to Rachel (because I did not know who to turn to for this) to try to get to replace it with this mock up, but maybe it's too late, though I hope not: D

Thank you very much to all and hope you like

Watch this

if you have the submission link, you can delete and upload it again

Tony Centeno
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i dont have the submission link :(



good job Tony


Nice!! I think the guns you chose for each character are spot-on, and it looks really good as a whole! I love how it fades away at the edges... works really well on a black tee :D

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

Insanely good. This will sell like gangbusters!

mip1980 profile pic Alumni

This is amazing, rachel no longer works at threadless i believe, you need to email jeff

Tony Centeno
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oh ok, thank you very much for the info mip1980 :D

Tony Centeno
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I just writte Jeff :D

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

this is pretty dang amazing, glad to see you back subbing again! :D

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jodabaum profile pic Alumni

so good effing good! love the small details in characters each one with their personality!

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nyenyerejunior said:

if you have the submission link, you can delete and upload it again

Did not know this. Will have to log for future use.

And great job on the design. Hope you're able to present it the way you intended.

nikoby profile pic Alumni

awesome! going to go vote

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