Draw your fav movie THREAD

Hi, guys. How are you?
Well, I started an exercise recently and talking with mathiole, he suggested me to open a thread here on the forum and share with you. I'm takIing the opportunity to invite you to try:
Choose a movie you like (or not), select a frame you judge visually interesting and try to draw it.
That way, you'll study composition, light and shade, scenery, human figure ... Very good things can come out of it.
You should try on your own style too

Here below is my first study. It's from No Country for Old Men and The Book of Eli

More to come!

Watch this
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Thats a great idea Hafaell, I'll give it a shot and post it. I was thinking about starting a sketch blog myself.


Oh man, this is a good idea. Ill probably do the Ritchie scene from the Royal Tenenbaums.


Great idea! I'll try it out when I have the time.. after I remember what movies i like @_@!


love this thread idea, great way for people to show some of their actual hands on work and practice the key practices. can't wait to post something of my own. bravo hafael


This thread should be more popular. I will help!

Drawn in ink (which explains why it's a lil' off but I still like it). :)

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