Why do you think this was declined?

Watch this
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The concept is close to impossible to understand. And your style needs refining, looks very remedial and basic; too clean. Just keep practicing & really take a look at past successful Threadless winning designs.

GyleDesigns profile pic Alumni

My thoughts: unless you had explained that to me, I would not have understood what was going on. So I think #1 the concept needs to be stronger or #2 the concept needs to be clearer.

That's just my guess, though.

Loek Vugs

I see it more the other way around. For me the people in your design see godzilla as a god. I think you should make the outfit look more like a costume. There is a zipper but I didn't noticed that immediately.


Thanks for your comments. I was going for that clean Akira Toriyama style (considering the japanese theme).

Maybe you are right and the idea is not so clear after all...

I'm really happy with this one, so I'll just move on to the next one.


I think it is a good concept that just needs some more work. Like Loek said, make the costume more obvious such as maybe a little baggy, stitches, etc. As for God, I don't think the halo is necessary but he does have a few staples such as the family guy-esque sandals and the white beard and clothing. I'd say rework it a little and stick with it

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the image cuts off at the bottom. that dosent look good on shirts.. and it's impossible to guess what's going on


you explained it and I still don't get it


Thanks again for your suggestions.

I'll consider those points for the next threadless project.

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