Oh, boy! Check out the winning Mickey design!

  • by jeffreyg
  • posted Jul 31, 2013

Congrats to artist Silvia Garavaglia for taking the grand prize in the Mickey & Friends Challenge for her design Sweet Memory. Turns out, she’s one serious Mickey fan.

Silvia, tell us about yourself!

I'm Italian, I live in Bernate Ticino, a small village lost in the countryside near Milan. I just finished the last year of my Master of Arts Degree in Communication Design at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, in Milan. Now I'm writing my degree thesis and looking for an internship.

Are you a long-time Disney fan? Is Mickey a favorite character of yours?

I am a Disney fan since forever. I began reading “Mickey Mouse” magazine, which in Italian is called “Topolino,” when I was 6 and I fell in love with it. I have always loved drawing Disney characters, and when I was a child my dream was to become a cartoonist. Even today when I'm sad or down in the dumps I pull out a Disney comic book and I read it before going to sleep. Mickey Mouse is definitely the character that represents Disney at its best. He was the first character drawn by Walt Disney and it’s from that rat that it all started! I like Mickey because I admire his tenacity, courage, and loyalty. I find that he can be an example for us all, even if sometimes he seems to be a little bit petulant and a smartass...but no problem, so am I!

You designed Mickey in candy! Tell us a little bit about your process.

I chose candies because I wanted to represent Mickey Mouse in a joking manner. I placed the candies one by one on a very large sheet of paper, on which I had drawn Mickey Mouse with a light line. I used different types of candy, and while composing the design I had to go buy more because I ran out! I covered the entire drawing and then took several pictures from the top and I chose the best ones.

Check out these awesome behind the scenes shots!

This is your second Threadless print and second design challenge win. Your techniques are very different in your two designs. What’s your preferred artistic style?

I do not have a favorite technique, but rather I like experimenting and using different techniques depending on the theme and design that I am working with. Since I don’t have a well-defined style, I like mixing handmade drawings, photography, digital painting, and scanned images to make surprising designs. In fact, I always feel the need to change, to transform my style and to prove myself.

What’s your favorite Disney movie, character, line, or song?

I loved all the Disney classic movies, in particular Dumbo, Fantasia, The Aristocats, Melody Time (I think I consumed the videotape by dint of seeing it) ... I adore Robin Hood (and the lines “Oo-de-lally/ Oo-de-lally/ Golly, what a day”­), The Lion King, The Emperor's New Groove, and how could I forget Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Among the most recent I found fantastic WALL-E and Up, their stories were simply amazing and moving.

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Watch this

Definitely one of my favorites from the challenge. And the process shots are so cool! Looks like fun.


Congrats Laura! And to all the printed ones too!

sybillina profile pic Alumni

Thank you guys!!! I really appreciate it! ^^

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

It looks amazing! Congrats! :-D Love seeing those close up shots.

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Congrats! Gives me hope that there are companies willing to take a chance on something other than the norm.

RicoMambo profile pic Alumni

brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, love it, CONGRATS, WELL DESERVED!!!!!


so awesome!!! congrats!


Brava Silvia: un dolcissimo progetto!


Congratulations Silvia! Wonderful design and love the technique used!

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Crazy awesome! Congratulations!

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Thank youuuu!!!

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