Hey Guys, I need some help. I'm a N00B who needs critiques!

Hello Threadless Community! :D

I made an account over a month ago, but now I finally have a design for a t-shirt, and I'd love to show it to you! I was hoping you could take a minute or two to critique my design. I'd really appreciate the constructive criticism.

Would you wear it? What's good about it, and what needs to be improved/changed? Thanks for your help!


Watch this

tbh, i dont really like the design(or maybe its just me that doesnt get the concept) i also feel that the excecution could be better. what was your concept for this design?

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I'm a n00b as well, so maybe not as helpful, but it seems like there's a little too much going on and the line variation make it look a little Microsoft Paint-y. Perhaps the concept would be better if you just portrayed a "status crow" without the words, more identifiable status symbols, and without the floating items.


Cool! Thanks for the comments! I'll try editing it more tonight.


My thoughts for the design was just a play on words on the phrase "Status Quo", and to make it seem more like a statement on protecting an endangered animal rather than protecting a state of normality. It's not meant to have any deep meaning, it's just supposed to be slightly humorous. :)


Maybe it's the text on the banner that make it seem "Microsoft Paint-y". I'll try drawing out the letters instead.


Yes the letters on the banner need more work. Not only in style but also in legibility.

There's also a lack of coherence between the style of the banner, the crow, the pipe, the hat, the background, the "squaw"... all those have different styles. You need to find a way to make them more similar.

Also IMO the composition is unbalanced.


your line weights need some work, and gradients always seem hella lazy to me personally. like you can't commit to a colour so you make 'em blend? also i like the play on words but am not sure that your iamge conveys it at all. keep posting updates so we can see 'em.

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